Get the Life you want with Neuro Linguistic Programming!
Have you ever asked yourself the question, if you had no limitations and you knew, you could not fail, what would you be doing now? This is a question Niamh Mester asks of her clients all the time.
“From my experience, its like opening a Pandora’s box, the answers I get are truly amazing,” she said. “Students and private clients alike start to tell me about their dreams, hopes, and ambitions of how they would like to be. The one answer I never yet received is, ‘attitude’. There is a difference that makes the difference, and this is an essential part of my NLP trainings. Attitude is one of the essential factors between NLP and other techniques, if used correctly, in creating the fast and permanent change people require. Using NLP, you can change the bad habits of a lifetime’s learning into positive and resourceful habits for a great future. Take action now to become the person you want to be, the person that runs your own life, be able to create that person you only dream about when waking up in the morning. Become more energised, believe you can be motivated, more confident and finally free. NLP can help you be that person.”
Skilled NLP trainers like Niamh Mester are renowned the world over for helping people define and achieve their goals, whether in life or career, and over the years NLP has become the forefront technology for
creating fast, positive, change in all walks of a person’s life, turning phobic conditions into pleasurable and rewarding experiences, and changing anxiety and panic attacks into courage and curiosity about life, and discovering new probabilities. 
“People suffering with lack of confidence become team leaders and the people everybody goes to for advice and direction in life,” Ms Mester explained. “Underachievers change to become the life and soul of
the party, and develop great artistic talents. Depression changes to optimism for a great future where new projects, situations, and friendships open and present themselves. Losing weight, stopping smoking, and accelerating learning become a pleasure instead of a challenge. Achieving personal growth and wellbeing is no longer a possibility and a struggle, it becomes a fact, an endless goal. The list is endless, I can give you the tools; you decide what you want to build.”
A new NLP practitioner course will begin on October 9. A one day workshop will be held in November. One to one consultations are also available. For information or bookings contact Niamh Mester at (091) 556667 or visit


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