Niamh's classes are totally fantastic! She's an extraordinary facilitator and helps everyone shift their perspective so quickly. She's all about possibility and bringing in more goodness into your life. If you have a chance to come to a class, DO IT! She is 100% committed to everyone getting huge results and being genuinely happy!

    Lynn Kirkham, Belmont USA.

Since meeting with Niamh my life has gone from strength to strength as if pulled by unseen force. It's something magical, something pure, I can honestly say life has changed for me in the most beautiful ways. 

The experience of connecting with the energy is powerful and it helps clearing the blockages that you may be experiencing in your life. By getting your bars run, it can bring new insights and awareness and has helped me to put balance and joy back into my life.

Its Niamh's positive energy and healing that has given me the enthusiasm and peace of mind to be able to live my life. I have found myself and will continue to love life and all it offers. How does it get any better than that? 

     Christine Naughton, Galway IRELAND. 


I have been doing the money class with Niamh and it has been amazing. Initially there were so many obstacles in just attending and my own financial situation. By  week 5 I had cleared so many thoughts and beliefs, so that the magic began to happen. 

Out of nowhere I received 1000.00 Euro in my bankaccount that had not been there previously. Wow! 

Even more important than the money itself was the fact that I had cleared so many thoughts and beliefs around money with Niamh that allowed the money to show up. This proved to me how powerful our thoughts are and by changing limiting beliefs it can change our reality with money. I really belief in this work and for me it is about the willingness to change and let go and trust. Then the magic happens.

Thank you Niamh for helping me to change my reality with money. This is just the beginning.......

      Breda Frawley, Ennis IRELAND.

I had the great pleasure of doing a few classes with Niamh. It was amazing. She is a fantastic teacher. I would highly recommend anyone to do a class and also to enjoy her  fabulous  treatments.

       Emily Lyons, Athenry IRELAND.


I have learned the Energetic Facelift technique with Niamh and I have been doing it on my mum for the last year. The results are amazing. Wrinkles disappear and the skin rejuvenates and to top it all, every time I do a process on her or someone else, I get a boost of youth myself. How can it get any better? Gift someone and receive! 

Nothing else is better than this Facelift technique for turning back the clock. A sure investment against the dreaded wrinkles and aging. Thank you so much Niamh! 

        Lorna Somers, Dublin Ireland.



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