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Megan puts the spotlight on Theta Healing
by Megan Sheppard

THETA healing is a recent phenomenon, developed by ViannaStibal during the 1990s. Stibal is a US-based scientist who believes she was cured from cancer and heart disease by changing her theta brain wave patterns.With a growing interest in the ways in which the mind can influence the body, it is no wonder that theta healing is becoming increasingly popular. 

Stibal says: “Theta teaches how to use our natural intuition, relying upon the unconditional love of Creator of All That Is to do the actual work. We believe that by changing your brain wave cycle to include the theta state you can… create physical and emotional healing.”Theta looks into the subconscious beliefs which form our reality based on the experiences we had when we were growing up. Once these subconscious blockages have been uncovered, thetahealing works by freeing us to change our own reality. By shifting beliefs, behaviours, and attitudes that may be stopping you from achieving your potential, you are then able to move towards your goals with clarity and energy. 

A Theta healing therapist is able to work either in person or by telephone. They will typically ask you to pin point a time when a particular emotional or physical problem appeared, and then he/she accesses the theta brainwaves by going into a meditative state. Theta brainwaves vibrate at four to seven cycles per second and are the level that the brain operates at just before we fall asleep.Once in a theta state, the practitioner can communicate with you on a different energy level, guiding you towards the subconscious blockages and asking you to release or change these beliefs.

I will admit to being a sceptic when I first came across theta healing five years ago, but after having just one session was astonished by the complete shift in my internal thinking and feeling.

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