Galway: starting January  2020

The NLP Practitioner Training is a 8 day comprehensive licensed training in which participants are taught and trained in the basic elements and skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Successful completion of the course will allow you become a member of the Society of NLP and become a Licensed Practioner of NLP.

We run certified Practitioner Courses throughout the year and on a regular basis internationally.


The course content is inclusive of:

The Metamodel. Exchange "No Choice for Choice" and change "The Mundane into the Magical". Learn the art of "Transderivational Search".  In asking the right questions you uncover the deep structure of personal understanding, exposing the root of deep-seated problems. This enables you to make very effective changes within yourself and others.

Strategies and Modelling. Learn the secrets of the masters by modelling the inter relationship of their "strategies of excellence and success". Then utilizing the new learnings to bring about the changes you desire in your own life or











































































































Timelines. Learn how to deal with your past. Experience the future and bring it into the present and have the success you are working for now.

State Control. Lots of people are not willing to just blindly believe that anything is possible and then find out what it is. I believe that if it isn't possible then you will find out it isn't, so it is no longer a problem. Teach yourself to understand your various emotional states, create new attitudes for motivational control of your personal future and let go of your limiting beliefs.

Submodalities. Learn how to chart the inter relationships in Submodalities. Challenge your client's linguistic model of realitly. Learn how to challenge the deep structure, which represents the impoverished portion of your client's model and bring about useful change in your clients map of the world.

Ericksonian Hypnosis. Create a moebius loop between the Meta Model and the Milton Model for simultaneous utilisation, learning how to communicate more energetically with the power of hypnotic language. Learn how nominalizations function within the Milton Model and why this is important. Tune your sensory perception for amazing levels of success with yourself and your clients.

Rapport. Grasp the powerful art of rapport, learn to pace and lead instead of pacing and following.

Anchoring. Create powerful states, learn how to anchor these states, then utilising those anchors to improve all aspects of life. This is very effective in business situations and perfect for improving sports performance.


Who can benefit from learning NLP?

Basically people from all walks of life can benefit immensely from learning NLP. Doctors, Life and Businesscoaches, Complementary Practitioners, Students, Parents, Teachers, Trainers, Salespeople, Managers, IT Professionals, Psychologists, Journalists, Musicians, Actors, Writers, Accountants, Retailers, Broadcasters, Health Professionals, Hotel Managers and Architects to name but a few.

People from all areas of marketing, web design, engineering, finance, insurance, tourism and the airline industry have also found NLP immensely useful in training with me. Those interested in personal development and self improvement are frequent participants on my courses also. I do teach all kinds of people how to add value to their lives. The training is a discovery how to run your own brain for a change.

Investment: Regular price 1400 Euro. Discounted price is 1200 Euro. 


For booking or more info, please contact Niamh at 091-556667 or 085-1183030.



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